Mystery House In Tuan Chau Amusement Park

Mystery House In Tuan Chau Amusement Park
UPDATED: 25 Jul 2016 7 Views

Apart from Halong Bay cruise, Tuan Chau amusement park attracts a lot of visitors. When coming to amusement parks in Tuan Chau, a destination visitors can not miss is "mystery house" which is next to Aquarium and Holiday Villa. This destination is an assault on your senses from simulations of ghosts. If you're curious to know is "ghost" without waiting until mid-night, just go to visit Mystery House in Tuan Chau amusement park.

There are lots of pictures of horrifying ghost, heinous evils, shocked clowns, etc that make visitors breathless and spooked.

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On an overview, the mysterious house simulates a wrecked ancient stronghold. No traces of any ghost existence or scary. But when you put your step on this haunted house, you will truly feel how scary is.

Ruined, dilapidated pieces of wood planks, a few of crumbling corner on the wall, whisper and groaning evoke horrifying feelings. The corridor is dark leading visitors to mystery. The air is wet and damp and musty smelling along with existence of spiders, rats and snakes make up scary. Somewhere there are footsteps running, people crying, howling, screaming and clanking sound of metal collision gas and the sound of the rope is tensed up. Scare actors are able to change the levels of scares and frighten visitors of all ages. Next came the gruesome gore photos, the corpses were buried, brutally tortured medieval. The black and white ghost hovering aimlessly, hidden in the walls and quirky space suddenly appeared in front.