Services in Halong Bay

UPDATED: 03 Jul 2015 9 Views
Services in Halong Bay is more and more growing Halong Bay tourism resource is very valuable, along with the preservation of the unique value of the Heritage during the past 2 decades, the business travel service here has not stopped growing in a sustainable way, take this heritage to become an attractive destination, with an important position on the Vietnam tourist map. It can be said, one of the types of travel services at the most typical characteristics Heritage Halong Bay is now operating a shuttle to visit Halong Bay. In particular, not to mention the growth of the fleet of ships transporting guests to stay in the Bay. If at the time of the year when it was first recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is only a few dozen small wooden boat shuttle service to visit Halong Bay are far has a powerful fleet with over 500 cruise ships (189 ships staying overnight) capable of transporting 30,000 visitors / day visit Heritage. It should be noted, in order to meet the increasing demand of tourists, many business travelers transport has strongly vehicle innovation, investment passenger ships of large tonnage, type of luxury, system high safety factor. Especially fleet in the Gulf overnight. Under the leadership of Halong Bay Management Board, in the future, developing strategies to exploit tourism in Ha Long Bay will continue to push towards improving quality, in-depth and steps new breakthrough by developing projects to strengthen the management of state for tourism activities. Adding to open new destinations to visit in Bai Tu Long Bay to reduce pressure in the core area of heritage, increase choice for visitors. In particular, Quang Ninh is applying the model of cooperation - investment in mining, tourism development services on Halong Bay with the desire to bring the perfect travel service, high quality visitors contributing to preserving and conserving the unique value of the Heritage Halong Bay.