Van Ly Hotel Halong

Van Ly Hotel Halong
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The world famous heritage site of Halong Bay has attracted millions of domestic and international tourists every year. Hotels in Halong Bay concentrate majorly in Halong City, which is the closest point to the pier from where one can take a cruise to sightsee the marvelous beauty of caves an grotto. There are also hotels in Tuan Chau island, a greenery and entertainment complex built recently to cater to the demand of tourists visiting Halong Bay. Hotels in Halong range from luxury one, though rater scattering, to mid range and lower end hotels. Most have sufficient facilities to ensure an enjoyable stay and stress-relieving moments thanks to its open view into the bay and friendly staff.

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>> City Bay Palace Hotel

>> Huong Bien Hotel Halong

Among 2-star hotels in Halong Bay, Van Ly is a popular choice because of interesting location and the services quality. You can easily continue your tour to visit caves on Ha Long Bay and other vestiges and famous landscape in Halong City as well as in Quang Ninh province.

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The staffs here are experienced, enthusiastic, professional and skillful. You can touch the high quality services and equipment of the hotel during your staying. After a day discovering the bay, you can come back to the hotel to lie on soft bed, take warm water and relax with its health-care services. Van Ly hotel is a cheap and astute choice for you.